Enabling Electric-Mobility in Southeast Asia through Infrastructure Development and Project Roll-Outs

Electro-mobility is dominating executive agendas. Governments in Southeast Asia see it as a cleaner and more efficient way to roll out public and private transportation so are investing time and money in next generation charging infrastructure and leveraging public-private partnerships for vehicle OEMs and technology providers.

To aid strategic conversations, senior public and private stakeholders across the value chain including government, vehicle OEMs, power and utility companies, infrastructure providers, battery and energy storage providers, and transport companies will be gathering at Asia’s first event focusing on electric mobility for both private and public transportation adoption and ecosystems in Southeast Asia. The event will focus on the regulatory, infrastructural, electric vehicle technology and operational project roll outs for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and more.

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Key Takeaways You Will Obtain By Attending Electric Vehicles Asia

Understand what regional governments and transportation companies are doing to enable electric mobility for public and private transportation in SEA

Hear from successful user-case studies and pilot projects

Learn about key developments in battery and energy storage systems and infrastructure development

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Key Themes and Topics at Electric VehiclesAsia

Strategic government roadmaps for e-mobility and EV adoption in SEA

Effective Infrastructure development to enhance e-mobility

Public and private transportation EV project case studies and lessons learnt

Vehicle OEM updates and case studies in terms of innovative EV technology

Battery storage and technological innovations for EVs

Who Should Attend

Ministries of Transport, Renewable Energy

Government Regulators and Transport Bodies

Power and Utility Companies

Charging Infrastructure Companies

Vehicle OEMs (Buses, Trucks, Cars)

Transport and Ride-Sharing Companies

Logistics and Fleet Operating Companies

Private Equity Firms

Venture Capitalists

Vehicle OEMs (Buses, Trucks, Cars)

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